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Vaccine Search

Search and Select to Schedule Your Vaccine or Booster Shot

These are different ways to search for the same information, or you can bypass the search and use the Denton County Vaccine Interest Portal for availability and scheduling.

A list of Texas providers receiving the initial pediatric vaccine for ages 5-11 is available at the Texas Pediatric Vaccine Provider Allocation List.

Texas Pediatric Vaccine Provider Allocation List
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To schedule a vaccine through Denton County, simply complete the online form via the Vaccine Interest Portal. You will receive a reply within 48 hours about scheduling an appt. For assistance, call their hotline, (940) 349-2585


Search by Zip Code

for a list of locations and COVID-19 vaccine appointments.


Text your Zip Code to:

438829 for English

or call 1-800-232-0233

TTY 1-888-720-7489


Disability Rights Texas

services are available.

(800) 880-8401

Denton County Portal
Texas FREE Immunization Registry

The Texas Immunization Registry makes it easy to keep up with your and your family’s immunization records. 

What is ImmTrac?

ImmTrac is a secure and confidential immunization registry available to all Texans. ImmTrac remembers which vaccines you’ve had when you can’t. This free service provided by the State of Texas safely stores all immunization records in one electronic system.

Free and secure.

There’s no charge for enrolling, and there’s no monthly fee. The registry meets the highest security standards, and only authorized providers can access your family’s records. Information is available only to doctors, schools, child-care centers, public health care providers, and other authorized organizations.

All doctors have access.

No matter how many times you move or change health care providers, your and your family’s immunization records are at any Texas doctor’s fingertips.


Schools can verify vaccine records.

You’ll never have to round up immunization records yourself. Your child’s school can access them for you and let you know what vaccines your child needs to meet school requirements.


ImmTrac2, the Texas Immunization Registry

Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) offers the Texas Immunization Registry at no cost to all Texans. The registry is secure and confidential, and safely consolidates and stores immunization records from multiple sources in one centralized system. 

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