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Fair and Just Access to COVID-19 Vaccination


CDC is committed to COVID-19 vaccine equity, which is when everyone has fair and just access to COVID-19 vaccination. There are many social, geographic, political, economic, and environmental factors that create challenges to vaccination access and acceptance, and that often affect racial and ethnic minority groups.


Some of these factors include:


Equity is Playing a Part in Vaccine Hesitancy in Texas

Systemic change is never simple, but we can start by calling things as they are. Not only is it inaccurate to talk about vaccine hesitancy at this stage in the pandemic — it sidesteps and ignores the reality of the situation. Vaccine access and trust are issues of equity, not hesitancy. The next chapter in America’s efforts to vaccinate its population depends on our understanding that distinction.

Although the term “vaccine hesitancy” has gained momentum in recent months, it fails to capture the systemic nature of the greater problem of vaccine access and lack of trust in public health institutions, especially among groups and communities that historically have been underserved and mistreated or even abused by the public health and medical care systems. We should rephrase it to “vaccine equity.”

Octavio N. Martinez Jr. is the executive director of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health at The University of Texas at Austin.

Maximize the County and State's Mobile Vaccine Program

Achieving Health Equity is Often a Question of Accessibility

The state mobile program provides a way for Texas businesses and people who are homebound to schedule free mobile vaccinations.

Denton County Mobile Vaccination Program

If you live in Denton County and have a disability and need help getting the vaccine, our Mobile Vaccination Program is here to serve you. The program is provided by Denton County Public Health and Denton County Emergency Service District 1. ESD fire and EMS staff will visit your home to administer the vaccine. 

If you are a business owner, or member of a community group, or civic organization with five or more individuals, call the Denton County Public Health hotline, (940) 349-2585, to see if your group is eligible for the mobile vaccination program.

To request this service, register through the Denton County Vaccine Interest Portal or call the hotline at (940) 349-2585.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM)

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) has expanded the State Mobile Vaccine Program Texas businesses, community groups, or civic organizations with five or more individuals who voluntarily choose to be vaccinated can call toll-free (844) 908-3927 and select Option 3 to schedule a visit.

If you are homebound, call toll-free (844) 908-3927 and select Option 1 to request a state mobile vaccination team to come to their home.


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